Monday, July 03, 2006

mr grier, we meet again

Hip Hip Hooray!

Today I learned that Mike Grier is now a San Jose Shark, signing a three year contract to come play for los Tiburones.

I can hardly begin to explain how happy I am at this news. When I was a Washington Capitals season ticket holder, Grier came to play for the Caps in 2002, and week-in week-out he was the guy who played his heart out, grinding it out on the boards, blocking shots and killing penalties. Even when the rest of the Caps had seemed to fall asleep around him, he kept going going going until the final whistle sounded.

During those dismal Jagr-infested years, Grier was my star, my honorary captain, playing the game with his whole heart and soul, luring me to the MCI Center game after game and making each televised game worth watching.

My wife gave me a Grier Caps jersey for Christmas in 2002, and he was traded to Buffalo the following spring. While I continued to wear my Grier jersey to all the Caps games, we moved out to San Jose in the fall of 2003, and the jersey was regulated to the back of my closet. When the Caps came to play the Sharks here last December, I wore my Grier jersey even though he was already with the Sabres.

Now, I get to wear my Grier jersey again as I watch him devote his heart and soul to the Sharks. Maybe I'll even get Grier 25 in teal for Christmas.

It's good to see you again, Mike.

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