Monday, June 30, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 08:33 touchdown Munich. another hour and then on to Berlin. beautiful evening here in Germany, tho
  • 09:01 the televisions in the munich lounge are full of pre-game reports for tonight's uefa championship game. feels like super bowl sunday
  • 09:34 at the lufthansa gate for flt to Berlin. free coffee (good kaffe!) at the ready. so un-american
  • 10:55 touchdown in Berlin. now to grab my bag and make it to the hotel before the big game starts!
  • 11:17 great to see all the bmw RT motorcycles decked out in green and white police colors
  • 11:19 streets of Berlin mostly empty save folks in natl colors scurrying to their game-watching parties
  • 11:25 just drove by Transparency Intl HQ on Alt Moabit. things looking familiar again
  • 11:28 500,000 fans watching the UEFA final at brandenburg gate. will join them shortly!
  • 12:07 Tier Garten is in lockdown... can hear half a million folks cheering on the other side of the fence, tho
  • 12:08 these germans are goos at patrolling a perimeter in Berlin. go figure ;)
  • 12:19 and the crowd screams Nein! Nein! Nein! in the Tier Garten
  • 12:24 having a nice chat en espanol con Miguel y Ana de Barcelona. they're happy but a bit outnumbered in the cafe
  • 12:36 my spidey senses tell me half time is a good time to vacate the Tier Garten environs. back to the cafes by the hotel for 2nd half
  • 12:54 collective "ooooof" from the crowd on the replay of that kick.
  • 13:01 with 100 volks at the Vaparetto cafe watching the game on the patio. police donning riot gear way back by Tier Garten. glad i left
  • 13:03 crowd livelier now that Germany's decided to play offense
  • 13:33 rounds of clap-clap-clap-Deutschland! getting more anxious now, and louder, too
  • 13:37 game over. applause of appreciation and disappointment. now to drown our sorrows in wit bier #euro2008
  • 20:00 Up early in Berlin. Got four-ish hours sleep. Meh. About to run 10K thru the Tiergarten before breakfast and the day's meetings begin
  • 21:29 back from my 8.5km run over to the Zoo at the far end of the Tiergarten. Neat to hear exotic animal sounds at dawn along the Landwehr kanal
  • 23:02 sated from breakfast of yogurt, meusli, eggs & wurst. Nutella on croissant with my kaffe. All-day meeting about to start at EITI offices
  • 23:09 @chep2m in Berlin thru Thursday! then back for a week before going up Mt Whitney. busy busy
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 06:51 hiked thru the night and made it back to the car. now to eat at Rosie's in Tahoe City
  • 12:29 back early from our overnight hike. Good to be home for a couple hours before flying LH to Berlin tonight
  • 18:00 doing some last-minute pre-caching in my browser before packing up to head to SFO on my way to Berlin
  • 19:49 just suibmitted my biometrics for the clear card (except my left thumbprint since I don't have one!)
  • 20:41 LH 459 boarding now... tweet you from Munich
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 07:15 my newly-toothless daughter just came running out of her room shouting "The Tooth Fairy really exists!" (we're so sneaky)
  • 12:33 my wife's left the kids with a sitter and is coming to take me out for a birthday lunch. woohoo!
  • 14:11 @tropology Thanks, Michael! Hope you're having a great Friday yourself.
  • 14:12 @mylerdude thanks Myles. Wish I was in town for next week's new tech meetup. Have a great time without me
  • 16:01 about to head out the door to prep for tonight's overnight hike to Squaw Valley's five summits. Drive starts at 8p, hike starts at midnight!
  • 17:17 filling the tank on the minivan... $85 full eesh
  • 17:18 @sharakarasic thanks for trying so hard! you made it :)
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Friday, June 27, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 10:58 following twebinar now
  • 11:04 still getting used to the neologism "twebinar" Hearing so many people say it in the videos still feels like it's an elaborate joke on us
  • 11:05 @chrisbrogan video coming thru nice and clear
  • 11:18 and back to live @chrisbrogan in the twebinar #tweb
  • 11:19 now learning how to bypass mainstream media and how disruptive the tech is in helping get around the usual blockades to progress #tweb
  • 11:20 TV goes up and goes down. Social media builds the google record that lasts (forever?) #tweb
  • 11:22 now following just "tweb" on summize to capture tweets containing twebinar and/or #tweb
  • 11:24 podcasts are now taking the place of sales calls... can see how many times podcast was downloaded to see if the message resonates #tweb
  • 11:29 look at diff between brick&mortar book store and Amazon. all the extra community-created info on Amazon makes it a better experience #tweb
  • 11:31 link to the neat receipts scanner mentioned in the vid: #tweb
  • 11:34 would be great to have the twitternames displayed (for the talking heads that have them) so we can know who to follow #tweb
  • 11:44 rollercoasters at seaworld? leveraging the "coaster community" to get the word out (especially since they're stats wonks) #tweb
  • 11:46 @sharakarasic your #ocu2008 tweets today are giving me a severe case of deja vu!
  • 11:51 Customers aren't often coming back to your doorstep to complain. Need to be able to follow many channels to hear what they're saying #tweb
  • 11:55 We have physical, digital, virtual presences and personal, professional, private lives. so much to think about. we are so complex. #tweb
  • 11:58 My hour window for the twebinar is closing. A few kinks to iron out but lots of potential for the format. Look forward to the next one #tweb
  • 12:02 off to take our newest staffer out to lunch. Glad to have the extra hands on board to help us live up to our communications potential.
  • 18:35 watching cyclist run stoplights and stop signs and pissed they're giving all cyclists a bad rep
  • 19:09 my oldest daughter just lost her first tooth! wow, time flies
  • 20:03 just had a delightful rendition of happy birthday from my daughters and wife as they presented a yummy cake. so touched by the mini-ceremony
  • 21:39 @khopper the tri went quite well, tho I know where I can be faster next time. See the race report here:
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm touched, but I'll have to decline

Thanks, Neil, for the tip that this was brewing:

tweets o' the day

  • 14:28 so much to read before my meetings in Berlin next week.
  • 15:03 go figure: caffeine takes 20min to take effect so drink a cup of coffee PRIOR to your 20min nap. more nappy bits at
  • 15:23 @chep2m take plenty of water with you on your row!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 13:37 about to ride my motorcycle to a meeting in SF. If you see a hi-viz yellow suit on a blue BMW RT behind you, kindly vacate the fast lane :-)
  • 19:18 upgraded to sec 104, row 23, seats 7&8 for next hockey season at the Shark Tank
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:57 of the $300B donated to charity in 2007, a third of it went to religious congregations. That's a lot of tithe
  • 09:59 Retweeting @berkmancenter: hiring a FT Digital Media Producer - know any amazing candidates?
  • 15:24 looking forward to grilling up some juciy burgers on my brand new grill tonight (yum!)
  • 17:50 listening to the burgers sizzle on our new grill. ahhhh
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Monday, June 23, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:38 beautiful sunday morning in the Bay Area. Perfect day to work in the yard and assemble the new grill.
  • 14:23 viva espaƱa!
  • 18:01 the dmv and flyclear folks need to get together to agree what a valid ID looks like.
  • 18:39 flight landed 50 min ago. still waiting on luggage to be put on the carousel. in cahoots with the parking folks?
  • 22:08 @krob
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 04:25 up early, and I'm off to the triathlon. Race starts in 2.5 hrs. wish me luck!
  • 09:05 triathlon is done. finished in 1:12:33 yay
  • 16:20 scvda darts award party winding down. great turnout and good fun
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 06:42 next triathlon starts in just over 24 hours! excited and nervous at the same time
  • 10:14 frustrated that the NASA briefing re: finding ice on Mars is a Real Audio stream bah. here's hoping @marsphoenix will live-tweet it.
  • 19:32 Tri bag is all packed up and the bike's in the back of the van. Now to make sure I wake up at 4am to drive to the race!
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Friday, June 20, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 06:04 price reduced on Kindle to $359. that's still a lot of dead-tree books
  • 07:18 Just finished the novel Three Cups of Tea. Must-read combo of passions: mountaineering, philanthropy & terror-busting
  • 07:33 @nikeproversion thanks for live-tweeting the #DF08 talk!
  • 08:37 looking forward to getting into the office and seeing my work peeps again
  • 15:30 sitting in on the funniest CPR training class evar
  • 17:26 off to hit Home Depot on the way home. ordered missing pieces of play structure from manufacturer. didn't tell me I had to order bolts, too
  • 17:27 Retweeting @MarsPhoenix: Whoohoo! Was keeping my eye on some chunks of bright stuff & they disappeared! Sublimated! So it can't be salt ...
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 06:58 been up for 90 min already. love coming West again after time in EDT. Heading over to Online Community Unconference in an hour #ocu2008
  • 07:03 Serendipity? Rohit blogs about crowd expectations for conferences and UNconferences (I'm attending each back-to-back)
  • 08:40 I've got a four-outlet extension plug if it's needed for the only outlet in the room. dm me for access #ocu2008
  • 08:43 Followers: I'm live-tweeting from the Online Community Unconference in Mountain View today so turn your phone notifications off #ocu2008
  • 08:44 Bill Johnston kicking things off, noting there are over 250 online community practitioners in the room. how cool is that? #ocu2008
  • 08:45 Johnston: so much knowledge and experience in the room, uncoference is the best format and @identitywoman is today's facilitator #ocu2008
  • 08:48 going around the room with introductions (250 of them). A nice reality check for the online photos folks have posted of themselves #ocu2008
  • 08:56 great to put the sound of folks' voice and a wee bit of personality to the names on the registration list #ocu2008
  • 09:00 such a diverse set of businesses represented at this year's online community unconference... are we finally mainstreaming? #ocu2008
  • 09:12 @madthoughts thanks for the shoutout!
  • 09:14 Principles of OpenSpace 1) Whoever comes are the right people, 2) Whatevery happens is the only thing that could have... #ocu2008
  • 09:15 3) Whenever it starts is the right time, 4) Whenever it is over, it is over... (document takeaways on the ocu wiki!) #ocu2008
  • 09:16 and above all, The Law of Two Feet: If you are not learning or contributing it is your responsibility to find somewhere you are. #ocu2008
  • 09:20 mass of folks at the front of the room queuing up to pitch their sessions... today's grid is going to fill up nicely #ocu2008
  • 09:24 @katrinskaya hello canadian friend!
  • 09:29 Following the collective #ocu2008 twitterstream at
  • 09:36 things are getting feisty at the unconference topic grid. @identitywoman trying to bring order to manage the potential disorder #ocu2008
  • 10:18 signed up to lead a session on "pulling the plug?" what happens when you need to get out of the online community hosting space? #ocu2008
  • 10:19 in session on "build it and they will come?" or "go to where they're already at? (answer: yes) #ocu2008
  • 10:20 Intuit philosophy re: community is that it has to exist both online and offline or it won't work #ocu2008
  • 10:26 how do you determine whether someone is "in your community"? you have their email address? they talk about your content? #ocu2008
  • 10:32 cafe press identifies super users they cultivate a close relationship with to create a broader community outside CP #ocu2008
  • 10:37 quotable: "I don't want to have to babysit 50 communities to see where/how/what they're talking about us" #ocu2008
  • 10:41 aggregating strategies for identifying community interest: wikipedia, facebook, upcoming, linkedin #ocu2008
  • 10:46 leverage FriendFeed as a way to house your info in one spot (coming from 30 diff portals) to show what' sgoing on everywhere else #ocu2008
  • 10:47 Sun Microsystem finds forums are effective, but mailing lists are still the staple used by most communities #ocu2008
  • 10:59 Do AND Bridge commtys. find technology that allows you to both attract users to you and bridge to other places where they are #ocu2008
  • 11:10 for some reason, won't load in my browser. thank goodness for twhirl
  • 11:11 in session with @chrisheuer re: Where is your Community? "managing across multiple site" #ocu2008
  • 11:13 resource! to publish video once and have it appear on multiple sites #ocu2008
  • 11:16 good Q from @jakemckee what are the cultural implication of saying "no" to invites to all these new tools? #ocu2008
  • 11:17 my challenge for the day: scoop @sharakarasic on Twitter . She's so quick to post, I fear it can't be done #ocu2008
  • 11:22 broadcast v community: it's one-to-many v one-to-one. costs are diff, too upfront for ads v continuous for conversations #ocu2008
  • 11:25 @krob consider it done. @jk5027a you're welcome!
  • 11:30 fav feature of twhirl 0.8.2? API usage meter in lower right corner
  • 11:32 maybe we can segment where we pay attention by the activity done there: listening v moderate v creaate v respond #ocu2008
  • 11:35 know that sometimes people join your community simply as a way to align their identity with yours, not to participate there #ocu2008
  • 11:38 Digg using Facebook as a place to demonstrate the culture of the organization, not field tech issues #ocu2008
  • 11:40 "Whatever you do, do it well" - Abraham Lincoln quoted by @chrisheuer #ocu2008
  • 11:42 Brooklyn Museum has an ArtShare app that allows FB users to share the art they like in the museum #ocu2008
  • 11:44 advice for community managers: be explicitly experimental #ocu2008
  • 11:45 it's not enough that we (the managers) expect failure, but we have to let the community know to expect the same failure #ocu2008
  • 11:49 advice from @chrisheuer you have to be prepared to deal with emergence. be flexible, not rigid in our approaches #ocu2008
  • 11:53 good idea from @bigs : instead of a really big press release, maybe release a bunch of tiny memes and see what sprouts? #ocu2008
  • 11:55 tradeoffs following the #ocu2008 twitter tag: real-time auto-update but incomplete on twemes v comprehensive but click-to update on summize
  • 11:58 Cross-posting tools: TubeMogul, ScribeFire, Disqus, SezWho #ocu2008
  • 12:00 BEST tool? commty manager who's got the relationship with the community that when something goes wrong, can help the commty thru it #ocu2008
  • 13:16 in the OCU speed-geeking sessions. A little bell rings every five minutes. We drool and move to the next stop. floor is soaked #ocu2008
  • 14:07 no tweets from @sharakarasic for a bit as her laptop battery recharges (she apologizes) #ocu2008
  • 14:08 at @frandallfarmer session on Context is King #ocu2008 context is what determines meaning
  • 14:10 1996: Bill Gates says "Content is King!" 2003: "[User-Generated] Content is King!" now: "Context is King!" (vs Attention) #ocu2008
  • 14:11 Farmer: What are Online Communities really about? Collective Action, Sense of Place: User-Generated Content in Context #ocu2008
  • 14:16 Community Types, Tools and Sizes framework from @frandallfarmer (me, we, it) #ocu2008 see Flickr pic of it here:
  • 14:18 me groups: purpose is self-expression. we groups: purpose is sense of belonging, membership. it groups: purpose is knowledge base #ocu2008
  • 14:20 if you want to do ratings and reviews, you're not getting a "we" experience. white-label guys sell you stuff but not how to use it #ocu2008
  • 14:22 Common Community Contexts: a person, a group of people, a network entity, a collection of entities, a "site", language? #ocu2008
  • 14:31 Think of User-Generated Content as an email. The tagged content is like the subject line. Make sure posts have an equivalent To: #ocu2008
  • 14:32 listening to @frandallfarmer sing "one of these things is not like the other" and wondering which Sesame Street character he'd be #ocu2008
  • 14:35 If thinking of rating content on a scale, if you've got a J curve in your 5-star system, just do a thumbs-up instead. #ocu2008
  • 14:42 Farmer: Context is hard. Match user desires with correct platforms configured in correct contexts and test with the customers. #ocu2008
  • 14:45 BIG endorsement by @frandallfarmer for RITE testing (rapid iterative testing and evaluation) before launch #ocu2008
  • 14:48 Farmer: if you look at advertising based biz models, delta between content-producing visitors and content-consuming visitors is nil #ocu2008
  • 14:58 Farmer: if building a new site, design the newbie experience first before getting detailed on the long-term user experience #ocu2008
  • 15:15 in the metrics session now. going around the room for intros and questions/comments on how we each see the topic #ocu2008
  • 15:24 bigger brains in G: Google, Nokia, YouTube, LinkedIn, LiveWorld #ocu2008
  • 15:28 how do you define engagement? over and above sheer numbers, is there a quality index easily divined? #ocu2008
  • 15:40 @krob I think a resonable per diem really depends on where one's at. Need geographic context to set the right per diem (like the GSA does)
  • 15:42 our group is struggling to figure out how to quickly take a qualitative snapshot of an online community's "health" #ocu2008
  • 15:44 @katieshy welcome to Twitter! #ocu2008
  • 15:48 LinkedIn categorizes members into three groups: reactive, passively engaged and actively engaged (goal: r u likely to come back?) #ocu2008
  • 15:55 YouTube is trying to figure out how to engage with the "silent consumers" to understand their experience. But they're still silent #ocu2008
  • 16:48 @neddotcom thanks for the ideas and the data!
  • 16:53 talking about migrating communities to new platforms (and pulling plug) in this session. there's source material in the Org Dev lit @ocu2008
  • 16:53 the book "Managing Transitions" by William Bridges is highly relevant in helping groups of people through massive change #ocu2008
  • 16:54 there's benefit in ratcheting down the feature set of the old platform slowly instead of cutting off all at once to inpsire moving #ocu2008
  • 16:56 focus majority of efforts on the top 1% users in the community to get them to move first and the rest will follow #ocu2008
  • 16:56 best possible world: migration to a new platform and the community never even knows #ocu2008
  • 18:00 done with #ocu2008 now returning to normal tweeting activity. I've got a triathlon in 3 days! gulp
  • 18:48 just filled the tank at 4.88 a gallon. ouch
  • 19:50 relaxing in the backyard with a beer and a book while the chickens free-range eating bugs and weeds
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 05:24 hopping the red line in DC on my way to AU
  • 05:34 do empty Metro trains go faster, or does it just seem that way?
  • 05:46 on the AU shuttle heading to the Ward bldg for Beyond Broadcast #BB08
  • 06:05 hoping we learn the wifi login shortly or #BB08 is going to be quiet
  • 06:12 tweetsters beware: I'm live-tweeting from #BeyondBroadcast at American U so turn off your phone notifications from me #BB08
  • 06:14 want to cut down on wifi usage at a conf? provide a WEP hex key on paper to attendees and depend on typo-free entry to log in. suck #BB08
  • 06:16 resorting to reading each other the hex key to type it in correctly. it takes a village #bb08
  • 06:18 Pat Aufderheide of Center for Social Media opening things up. focusing on the PUBLIC part of public media #bb08
  • 06:19 the public in a democracy are the people who talk about problems and then do something about them #bb08 shout outs to Y Benkler's work
  • 06:42 Banville: showing this map: and the geographic power of pubic broadcasting (100s stations, 1000s producers) #bb08
  • 06:44 Banville: 2nd concept: overlaying data on top of the map to provide context 3rd: iterative (new for public broadcasting folks) #bb08
  • 06:45 Paula Le Dieu: Walking us through the map at #bb08
  • 06:46 Le Dieu: map shows yellow (births) and orange (deaths) flashes on countries of the earth. think of all the stories these flashes show #bb08
  • 06:47 Le Dieu: what does it mean to be relevant in a participatory age? no longer just broadcast, one-way signal #bb08
  • 06:48 Le Dieu: BBC's Creative Archive was Beeb's first attempt at being relevant in a participatory age. (didn't work out so well) #bb08
  • 06:49 Le Dieu: public broadcast is in a hard spot moving down from the broadcast tower and in and amongst the participative people #bb08
  • 06:51 Le Dieu: in the UK, the public doesn't own the maps, the Crown own the maps and charges money to use them. thus the birth of Open Maps #bb08
  • 06:53 Le Dieu: folks attaching GPS to couriers, cabs, etc to create public-owned open maps #bb08
  • 06:56 Chaacha Mwita: shows what seems like a simple map of Kenya (comparatively), but is very useful in showing where reporters are in Kenya #bb08
  • 06:56 Mwita: Provides an interactive guide to see and understand how and what is being reported by whom in a rapidly changing landscape #bb08
  • 06:58 Mwita guiding us through this map of reporters in Kenya: #bb08
  • 06:59 hi mom! #bb08
  • 07:04 Banville: if you create a collaborative map, need to budget 33% more time than normal to create it. BUT map is really deep and dense #bb08
  • 07:08 w00t! the panel is taking questions from the twitterstream. Will anyone raise their hand instead? #bb08
  • 07:09 Le Dieu: if you create a maps platform, make it as open as possible, as mungible as possible so others can reuse it as they wish #bb08
  • 07:11 Mwita: hyperlocal content in Kenya a threat to local authorities. SMS relay how poorly govt acted while radio = pro-govt propaganda #bb08
  • 07:17 a devil's advocate speaks up to dispute the efficacy and accuracy of the Oakland crime map mashups. powerful tool in wrong hands? #bb08
  • 07:30 @beyondbroadcast please tag your tweets with #bb08
  • 07:32 Mwita: in the future there will need to be some kind of authenticating mechanism to vouch for the data on maps #bb08
  • 08:10 Russell: DIY media refers to people taking media of all genres (genri? genra?) into their own hands to address their own needs #bb08
  • 08:15 retweeting @alexleavitt: #bb08 DIY: to develop new genres and styles = the cultural future of the Internet
  • 08:20 "would you call this public media?" is a recurring question in videos here (akin to the obscenity test? I'll know it when I see it?) #bb08
  • 08:20 See a selection of DIY videos at #bb08
  • 08:21 next up: a panel on Visualizing Public Media Futures #bb08
  • 08:25 Calvin Sims: spent 20 yrs at NYT and is anchored in a tradition of standards & ethics looks thru that filter at future of public media #bb08
  • 08:29 Dennis Haarsager: walking us thru a graph of difference between Public Media 1.0 and PM 2.0 at #bb08
  • 08:31 Haarsager: we're enhancing human understanding through smart decisions on what, why and where are they creating media #bb08
  • 08:33 Anthony Hammelle: shows maps of the political blogosphere (created by RTGI) francophones see (english link there, too) #bb08
  • 08:36 Hammelle: Shows us maps from Dec 2007 & Jun 2008. Can see borders between media & bloggers dissolving as media embeds in community #bb08
  • 08:43 Wendy Levy: of Bay Area Video Coalition ( showing us two machinema videos from the program #bb08
  • 08:47 wondering how much of NPR's growing influence in the blogosphere network map is solely attributable to the efforts of @acarvin #bb08
  • 08:50 Ignore my previous rtgi link and instead go here: or direct to map here: #bb08
  • 08:59 discussion: should there be a public media code of ethics? if yes, how is it applied to the space? education? #bb08
  • 09:00 Haarsager: legally, NPR has traditionally been concerned with libel in their own content, now concerned about the community content #bb08
  • 09:03 witnessing the conference session being hijacked by someone at the mic.
  • 09:06 Haarsager: It all comes down to being found. We create content faster than we can assimilate it. #bb08
  • 09:08 that @davetaylor guy is so smart, even when he's offline! ;-)
  • 09:15 and we've reached our lunch break at Beyond Broadcast. tweet you once my belly's full #bb08
  • 09:21 "when an elder dies, a library is burned" - how do we disseminate knowledge beyond our frail bodies from the old to the young? #bb08
  • 11:21 Reigel: Thru the Nonprofit Finance Fund he's able to resource these folks and not pull the rug out from under them #bb08
  • 11:24 Reigel: Bringing in revenue needs to be decriminalized. That Public Media must be free is wrong, simply wrong. #bb08
  • 11:25 Reigel: 4 ways media companies make money: 1) commerce, 2) advertising #bb08
  • 11:26 Reigel: 3) specific support to say what they say from vested interests #bb08
  • 11:26 Reigel: 4) taking investor money with a model for returning it later and then going out of business. #bb08
  • 11:27 Vince Stehle: We're all in our own way trying to figure out how to transform our organizations in a time of great media change. #bb08
  • 11:28 Stehle: talks about the Radiohead experiment (pay what you will) and NIN experiment in the music industry (TK: such a hepcat!) #bb08
  • 11:30 @neddotcom more online users participating in your site, in your community, in your product. participants before money plans #bb08
  • 11:33 stehle: new model example Colby Calais recorded a song, posted to MySpace, 10M downloads, signed by label, now touring with John Mayer #bb08
  • 11:33 @craigrosa great reminder of the "because" effect! #bb08
  • 11:34 Ernest Wilson: thinks this is a great meeting and thinks we need 50 more meetings like it #bb08
  • 11:35 Wilson: syllogism: democracy rests on a free and independent press, media is going thru great turmoil ergo democracy is at great risk. #bb08
  • 11:36 Wilson: we are way behind the curve on public service media re: what's happening on the new digital platform #bb08
  • 11:38 Wilson: as we think about biz models for public service media, we need to be experimenting a lot faster than we are now. #bb08
  • 11:41 Wilson: 4 silos of discourse that could save democracy if they de-silo'd: print, digital media, public broadcasting, commercial #bb08
  • 11:41 @alexleavitt Firefox 3 delayed:
  • 11:43 retweeting @brianshaler: Follow @mozillafirefox for updates regarding Firefox 3 downloads. #bb08
  • 11:47 Wilson blames the lousy digital rights management system (TK: not sure I agree this is a show-stopper) #bb08
  • 11:52 that Four-Eyed Monster thingee is here: #bb08
  • 12:00 Stehle reminds us of our obligation to help each other build our work into stronger channels by our own doing. #bb08
  • 12:40 Irving: grabs onto notion of needing to set an agenda, but have to articulate it, advocate it and make it so your grandma understands #bb08
  • 12:42 Irving: honors Tim Russert as a last bastion of civility in the discourse on commercial TV #bb08
  • 12:45 Irving: no problem with ads and commercial TV, but need a space for commercial AND a separate space for non-commercial. #bb08
  • 12:46 Irving: There is no such thing as free money. if someone's giving you money it's because they want to access your audience. #bb08
  • 12:47 Irving: gender and race have a large influence on where and how much ads are purchased (black and latino males are bottom of spectrum) #bb08
  • 12:49 Irving: demographics are the elephant in the room when discussing advertising on media #bb08
  • 12:50 Irving: public broadcasting has no brand equity. #bb08
  • 12:53 Irving: remember, as demographics change, members of congress will change. Safest thing to be in congress now is a person of color #bb08
  • 12:55 Irving: for an entire generation of people, technology/media aren't something you GO to, are something you always have with you. #bb08
  • 12:57 Irving: blacks and browns consume MORE media of ALL types than their anglo equivalents #bb08
  • 12:58 @krob just 30 min to go and then I will quiet down again :-)
  • 12:59 Irving: how do we give a trusted brand to people and get public media orgs to play nice in that space? #bb08
  • 13:05 Irving: need to lay out case for changing policy so we can spend more public media money on digital, too, not just OTA broadcast #bb08
  • 13:06 Irving: move away from idea of public broadcast toward idea of public media #bb08
  • 13:15 QOTD from Larry Irving: "right-wing radio are angry old white men while left-wing blogosphere are angry young white men" #bb08
  • 13:18 irving: we need to figure out how to mainstream black, brown, asian into EVERYthing we do #bb08
  • 13:21 podcasts of today's Beyond Broadcast conf will be available tomorrow at (you can proof my tweets) #bb08
  • 13:22 and now my Twittertorrent will trickle out. Thanks to all the peeps who contributed to the live-tweeting over at
  • 13:25 Beyond Broadcast Twitterfolk: great job on the live-tweet stream. I think we did a good job capturing the flavor of the day. #bb08
  • 13:25 off to find a cab to take me to Dulles. wish me luck!
  • 14:47 on my way to Dulles airport to fly to sfo. taking off my #bb08 tag and donning my #ocu2008 one
  • 16:30 safely placed in seat 10F on UA223 to sfo. remind me not to sit in the first of two exit rows on an A320... no recline (bah)
  • 22:41 touchdown sfo
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 03:54 up and at 'em for a day of meetings in DC, glad I ran around the monuments yesterday morning as today feels muggier
  • 10:25 great morning meeting with Case Fdn folks talking social media and how to incorporate it into own work/life (hi folks!)
  • 10:48 welcome @nemonox and @mstohner and @NikeProVersion to Twitter! Look forward to following your own tweets
  • 10:56 Looking for good sushi near Dupont Circle in DC? Eat at Sushi Taro at 17th and P (above the CVS): review here:
  • 12:45 great mtg with Rich and Eric of Harwood Inst. look fwd to seeing their platform launch this summer
  • 12:53 ugh. caught in the DC rain sans umbrella with five blocks of walking to go
  • 13:05 at the newseum with the wife. wow
  • 15:34 waiting out the rain drinking at the Source. off to dinner on 7th St next
  • 17:35 @mstohner great to see you tweeting (and I can see why you like Sushi Taro so much). see you online!
  • 17:47 trying (unsuccessfully) to get my eye-Fi card to log into the local WiFi network. Guess I'll have to update Flickr the old fashioned way
  • 18:07 while Flickr updates, am figuring out how long it'll take me to Metro to #BB08 in the morning from Crystal City
  • 20:23 Nat'l Zoo and Newseum pix up on Flickr, time to shut down and get ready for tomorrow's conference and transcon flight back to SFO
  • 21:22 @briancf great to see you tweeting again! (tiger's amazing, no?)
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Monday, June 16, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 03:29 up early and off to run 10k around the DC monuments
  • 07:46 10k became a 12k around the monuments. off to the DC zoo now
  • 08:42 watching the orangatans take the O line at nat'l zoo. will post video later
  • 14:27 great Father's Day in DC capped off by a yummy bison burger at Ted's Montana Grill in Crystal City. feeling fat and happy and sleepy.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 10:31 and 19 hours after we left the house in CA, we make it to my folks' place in DC. what an adventure!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:00 the next time I walk my daughter to school, she'll be a first grader. Wished all the morning moms a good summer and will see them in August
  • 12:51 10 minutes left in the office before starting out trek to DC. looking forward to seeing folks. not looking forward to the humidity
  • 12:55 Still in disbelief at Tim Russert's passing.
  • 23:43 terrible time trying to fly to DC. first flight canceled. had to split up onto two planes. I made it to BWI. Mel & girls still stuck at SFO
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Friday, June 13, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:29 after a day away from the Twitter, I'm back in the stream. So much to do before departing to DC tomorrow afternoon
  • 21:44 9 days until my next triathlon. One more big swim and run this weekend and then I'll dial it back leading up to the big day.
  • 21:47 @jerrymichalski just tweet from this account with the #yitan hashtag so others can tweet along with you and the tweme record will read nice
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

how not to update your contact list

We're preparing to do our own contact updating where I work, and I'm thankful to have gotten a great lesson in how not to do it in my email box today.

The well-intentioned email request to update my contact information with a group I'm associated with came in with a good enough subject line: "Contact Information Update." The content of the request is posted below in its entirety, sans the fancy logo and "powered by/unsubscribe" info, and I removed the organization's name so as not to shame them here:
[Well-meaning group] is working to update our contact records. If you have had changes to your contact information within the last year, please take a moment to reply to this email with your updated information.
Not even a "Dear Thomas"!?

The young lady who sent the request may hope I'll help her out, but there's no way this is getting anywhere near the top of my priority list. I have to think back to what might have happened in the last year and then get to thinking about other things and before you know it I've moved on and the moment has passed.

The worst part of this scenario? If I don't reply, she thinks she's got my correct info. A very poorly designed process, and I think I'm being charitable.

I've taken a stab below at how I'd approach the same task so as to make the review/update process as light-touch as possible on the recipient.
Dear Recipient,

[Well-meaning group] is working to update our contact records. This is what we currently have as your contact information:
  • Your Name
  • Your Title
  • Employer Name
  • Physical Address
  • Phone/Fax/Etc
If any of the above is incorrect, please take a brief moment to reply to this email with the correct information information. We really appreciate your help!
As a recipient, I see exactly what you've got on me and know immediately if I have to hit reply. Minimal effort on my part and the lion share of work is on the party who most wants the info: the requestor.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 05:50 up early. off to masters swim workout
  • 08:23 just walked my daughter to school. 3 more days til summer break
  • 09:09 11 days until my next triathlon. gotta find a Masters swim team for workouts near Arlington, VA where I'm traveling this weekend.
  • 12:06 101 SB is a mess around atherton. el camino real now sucks too
  • 14:08 back from a great catch-up lunch with a colleague from four years ago. Great to know we're still connecting after all these years.
  • 15:16 lulz. Skywest airlines loses kid. Google has my blog high on results list for "airline loses child" (my blog was about lost child seat)
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 07:22 still a little sore from the race yesterday, but rarin to get this week started
  • 17:55 @amoration quick-healing thoughts streaming your way
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Monday, June 09, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:50 finished the san jose muddy buddy in 52:08. what fun!
  • 15:35 just got a new grill. will have to assemble this week, not enuf time b4 dinner 2nite
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 07:09 off to climb kings mtn road on the bike. fun stuff!
  • 09:25 ever tried to get a reluctant dog in the tub for a bath? paws clutching everything to not? i think that's what HRC is doing now
  • 12:37 off to see my daughters' first ballet recital. gotta pick up some bouquets on the way for the post-recital congrats
  • 20:27 getting excited about doing the Muddy Buddy race in San Jose in the morning. carb'd up, now to pick out the clothes I'm ready to throw away
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 15:34 sold our crib and dresser to a friend who's pregnant. Didn't think I'd get this sentimental about seeing the furniture go. the end of an era
  • 17:14 shutting down. time to start the weekend (with a trip into SF for dinner at Bar Tartine)
  • 22:03 outside roxie theater, folks gathering signatures on a petition to rename SF sewage tratment plant after george W bush
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Friday, June 06, 2008

Donate blood to help Joseph

In this month's newsletter from the Stanford Blood Center I spied the promo for Joseph (republished at right) that made me wish I could rush out and donate today. Since I donated last on April 26, I can't donate again until June 21. Here's hoping there are many others who see this promo and donate now. Kudos to the photographer and copywriter for a job well done.

As longtime readers know, I've been donating blood for years. Sometimes the appointments go smoothly and I'm in and out and home in less than an hour. Sometimes the appoints take much longer because of a backup in admissions or a clumsy needle stick. But I keep going back time after time because I know it's the right thing to do, and I know I can always make more blood to replace what I've given away.

If you're not here on the Peninsula in the Bay Area where the Stanford Blood Center has many locations, find a place to donate near you thanks to the work of the folks over at Takes All Types.

tweets o' the day

  • 08:22 2000m swim with the Masters this morning and no calf cramps. yay!
  • 11:57 @Katrinskaya Twitter IM is disabled (per the Twitter Status blog at ) and TwitterSync uses IM to update FB status
  • 14:16 @astrout no collection complete without Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
  • 16:59 Off to hike in Purisima Creek Redwoods (again). no fog this time, tho. watch Flickr tonight for pix
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 10:53 doing research on makes me queasy. my deep-seated aversion to sales folks stands in the way of getting product info. bleh
  • 11:09 @hjstrout sustain as in financials? or sustain as in care & feed?
  • 12:19 @hjstrout Nancy White's Online Community Toolkit is a great resource imo: and bigbonus: is CC'd to
  • 12:20 @hjstrout make that @nancywhite but the snurl's the same
  • 14:54 even in its infancy, I can see @winetweets doing wonders for my cellar. are you following yet? setup is similar to @lotd
  • 17:39 two more days!
  • 17:53 just a few hours left to vote. Please take 2 min to help Olivia's "Your Chickens" video win her school som e books:
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

why take pictures when you can search pictures?

I've been seeing a lot of traffic on the "you can't take pictures here" channel of social media. See Andy Carvin's Union Station encounter or DCist's post of the local news reporter hassled at Union Station while talking with Amtrak spokesman saying photos are allowed - ironic, no? And this isn't even touching all the news out of the UK of all manner of people forbidden from taking photos in public spaces (nevermind the CCTVs).

Seems that the overriding excuse to stop ordinary people taking pictures in public places is that it's a security concern. After all, we don't want terrorists scoping out their targets by taking pictures like they do in the movies.

Bruce Schneier does a great job dissecting this kind of security theater in an article in today's Guardian Online:

Given that real terrorists, and even wannabe terrorists, don't seem to photograph anything, why is it such pervasive conventional wisdom that terrorists photograph their targets? Why are our fears so great that we have no choice but to be suspicious of any photographer?

Because it's a movie-plot threat.

A movie-plot threat is a specific threat, vivid in our minds like the plot of a movie. You remember them from the months after the 9/11 attacks: anthrax spread from crop dusters, a contaminated milk supply, terrorist scuba divers armed with almanacs. Our imaginations run wild with detailed and specific threats, from the news, and from actual movies and television shows. These movie plots resonate in our minds and in the minds of others we talk to. And many of us get scared.

I'd even posit the following: If I were seriously doing homework about a potential target and didn't want to tip my hat that I was casing the target, especially if it were a well-known tourist attraction or point of interest, I'd be spending my time anonymously browsing Flickr, YouTube and the like for pictures that had already been taken by thousands, nay millions, of other people.

I've no doubt that someone, somewhere has taken the exact shot I'm looking for. Sure, I might have to look past Aunt Mildred and Uncle Joe to see what I'm looking for, but still, it's there. And likely it's been tagged nicely for me, too. Heck, I could even throw my own combinations of tags on a given set of photos for easy refinding and I wouldn't even need to resort to obvious watch words to do so.

I just hope the Feds don't start blocking our access to the social media space next. Now that would be security theater at its finest.

tweets o' the day

  • 11:09 @neddotcom haven't discovered the "making the world a better place" types in the sense you mean it. suggest you use to search
  • 17:58 testing the miles-to-empty gauge in my car. 4 to go
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:23 just got a great non-Twitter-based tweet from coworker traveling in UAE where access to Twitter is blocked. yet FB is allowed. go figure
  • 12:17 Bo Diddley done diddled his last riff. RIP
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Monday, June 02, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 05:34 off to go help with final set up for this morning's Silicon Valley Kids' Triathlon at De Anza college. Come cheer them on!
  • 20:56 please vote to help Olivia win her Story Tube contest (about keeping chickens!) Details here:
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Sunday, June 01, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 05:26 up early (pdt) for the hike this morning. excited to try a new trail
  • 09:31 great 7 mile hike in the fog of the santa cruz mtns. now to start the rest of the day!
  • 15:25 Good to get out on the new bike today for a 15 mile ride. Going from hybrid to road = pain in lower back and numbness in new places
  • 15:27 @dwitzel check with Martin Kearns (dm if need his addy), he's a great source for complex network illustrations/animations
  • 18:07 picked up a chicken to butcher and bbq for dinner, corn, too. can't wait to eat!
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