Thursday, June 05, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 10:53 doing research on makes me queasy. my deep-seated aversion to sales folks stands in the way of getting product info. bleh
  • 11:09 @hjstrout sustain as in financials? or sustain as in care & feed?
  • 12:19 @hjstrout Nancy White's Online Community Toolkit is a great resource imo: and bigbonus: is CC'd to
  • 12:20 @hjstrout make that @nancywhite but the snurl's the same
  • 14:54 even in its infancy, I can see @winetweets doing wonders for my cellar. are you following yet? setup is similar to @lotd
  • 17:39 two more days!
  • 17:53 just a few hours left to vote. Please take 2 min to help Olivia's "Your Chickens" video win her school som e books:
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