Friday, August 20, 2010

From Twitter 08-19-2010

Be sure to update your Facebook privacy settings today for "Friends can check me in to places" if you don't want to reveal your whereabouts.
RT @venturebeat 8 things I wish I knew before starting a business by @Chris Morris
Stressed? Make sure you fix the right problem. You're not suffering from information overload; you're suffering from a filter malfunction.
Eldest starts at her new school next Monday. Happy to meet some cool fellow parents at the ice cream social today.
Took a chance and bought a Yamaha keyboard for the girls to play around on. They're loving it. (& I'm loving their use of headphones)
Enjoying the soulful sounds of Black Francis singing "where is my mind" at the Mountain Winery. The Swell Season is up shortly. Perfect.
Horrific end to the swell season concert. A stage hand fell out of the rafters onto the stage. Looks grim. So sad
Word from the front row: someone jumped off the roof onto the stage. If so, Not an accident. Horrible
@boomer luckily the wee ones are with their mom tonight (besides, concert starts way past bedtime)

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