Thursday, April 27, 2006

A different kind of pledge

Found a very novel use of Pledgebank today. I've participated in the past by pledging to give $120 to Catalytic Communities only if I was joined by another 399 people doing the same. I gladly PayPal'd the $120 bucks when they met their target.

I was intrigued by a novel use of the platform (promising to vote a certain way v give money) I've pledged to not vote for Diane Feinstein (my US Senator) if she continues to support the PERFORM act (which, among other things will ban the streaming of mp3 files and mandate DRM for internet audio). From the pledge page:
Diane Feinstein is trying to sell out your rights to the music industry with her introduction of the PERFORM act. Please sign this pledge to show her that we will not put up with these antics and that we will vote her out of office if she contiunues on this path that is harmful to her constituents.
Registered to vote in California like me? Won't you sign the pledge, too?

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