Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lost a Netflix DVD? Replace it cheaply via Amazon

I lost one of our Netflix DVDs (don't know where or how) and I was shocked! to find out that Netflix was going to charge me $20 to replace it.

Here's how to replace a missing Netflix movie MUCH cheaper than their quoted $20:
  1. Go to Amazon.com
  2. Search for the missing movie title in question
  3. Follow the "new and used from $price" link (DO NOT BUY THE MOVIE NEW!)
  4. Select the item in "Used - Like New" condition from the seller with the most positive feedback. Depending on the title, you'll be paying anywhere from $0.98 to $4.98 for the disc
  5. Get it shipped to you as economically as possible (therefore is the cheapest method)
  6. Once it arrives, remove the DVD from the packaging, put a post-it note with your name and email address on the label side of the DVD
  7. Slip the post-it noted DVD into the same postage-paid mailer as your next returned DVD. If you're on the one-at-a-time plan, mail the DVD to Netflix, PO Box 49021, San Jose, CA 95161
  8. Voila! you've saved yourself at least a month's worth of Netflix fees
FWIW, I think the folks at Netflix will forgive the first missing DVD if you tell them it was lost in the mail. Not sure how many folks actually successfully pull this "dog ate my homework" story off a single time. Needless to say, this isn't the first time a Netflix DVD has gone missing in our house.

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