Thursday, November 05, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 05:01 last weekend's time change made the jump from PST to EST so much easier this trip.
  • 05:07 RT @bryce: 4 hrs. of sleep is the new 8 hrs. of sleep. <-- Amen, brother. (via @robhayes)
  • 06:01 For serving such a culturally diverse area, why does DC Metro only have signage in English? Willful? Or just ignorant?
  • 17:54 great day in DC, so worth the trip. At IAD now awaiting the last United flight out to SFO. home by 2am?
  • 18:00 @dcallejon very fast this time. will be back for a week on Dec 20. see you then?
  • 18:37 Seated in 16A on a 757 Overwater. Exit row roominess and a window FTW!
  • 00:27 Love that UA225 landed 40 minutes early! Home by 1am?
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