Thursday, April 16, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:35 RT @cshirky: Just posted something about #amazonfail:
  • 09:28 RT @digiphile (strange things afoot in Idaho!) National Weather Service photos of rare "snow rollers" in Idaho
  • 10:20 BBC airs its first Creative Commons licensed TV show: R&D TV (via @boingboing)
  • 14:25 Great list of tips from @bradrourke on how to use email/online tools and still be nice doing so
  • 16:12 Happy the puck has dropped on the 2nd Season. Go #Sharks!
  • 16:16 Yes #twtvite #nhltweetup
  • 16:18 Join me at the #Sharks #NHLtweetup on 4/19 at Firehouse grill. Details at
  • 17:31 RT @Dave_Ferguson Original name for Wikipedia: "unemployed Ph.D. Death Match"
  • 17:39 Why not sick the RIAA lawyers on the Somali pirates? sink them with subpoenas? oh so effective against the music pirates
  • 21:51 holy cow. we submitted our tax forms to CA last Friday and the refund is deposited today. sweet!
  • 23:05 RT @mercsharks: #sharks #hockey Sharks ready for playoff opener against Anaheim Ducks: There are plenty of reason..
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