Thursday, August 27, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 02:32 researching flights to Nairobi.
  • 03:26 @robhayes got your KSOs yet? I <3 mine in a very big way, wearing them almost daily
  • 07:36 packed up and ready to leave for the airport. Sleeping in Virginia tonight
  • 09:49 Sucky ATT reception at SFO gate 75. Aboard the plane and on our way to ORD
  • 14:11 Touchdown ORD. 45 min to catch flight to DCA. Hustle!
  • 14:59 @nurturegirl waving right back at you. See you next week in SF
  • 17:11 Hello Virginia. I see you're still a big fan of heat and humidity
  • 19:02 @joshuaclerner wanting to customize the wikimedia layout and allow for greater control over user access to edit than the "one-step" setup
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