Sunday, August 30, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 09:18 getting ready for my swim lesson. There's always room for improvement!
  • 10:49 fantastic swim lesson this morning. Got great pointers to use in tomorrow's open water swim at Santa Cruz pier
  • 16:55 wondering if anyone's been to Kenya and gotten their visa at NBO instead of before arriving? possible to get biz visa at NBO?
  • 17:20 @lindare dept SFO on 9/10 get to NBO on 9/12 there for 5 days for a conference, no safaris :(
  • 21:23 @broksas thanks for the visa info! did you get a business visa? or tourist? did it matter?
  • 21:25 @sarahkay don't let @jrushin freeze to death due to his chivalry!
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