Saturday, October 10, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 02:54 Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for creating "a new international climate." wow
  • 08:08 @davepeck no more driving to Millbrae or Mountain View. woohoo!
  • 08:36 if your caboose is wide enough to easily show HOLLYWOOD in block letters, maybe you should lose the stretch pants. just sayin'
  • 09:47 Can't stand the "if you win I lose" mentality rampant in politics these days, but glad DNC not backing down.
  • 09:59 RT @DennisWhittle "There is no un-do on the internet" #ocs2009
  • 10:03 RT @suzboop: @goodetobefirst from Murphy Winery: push your brand's events & wins, not your brand name. create awareness of brand's lifestyle
  • 10:23 Great food rule: "No second helpings, n o matter how scrumptious"
  • 12:01 OH: "hello?... hello? HELLO!? I think her pants just called me."
  • 13:31 This is a most poorly-edited/formatted Swine Flu warning article. From BabyCenter, no less!. heard of a bullet list?
  • 15:00 where did the day go?
  • 17:09 Sweet-talked my way out of a parking ticket. Than you meter-maid!
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