Thursday, October 22, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:59 California grows about 95% of the nation's pomegranates, in season now. Look for dark red skin on a heavy-for-its-size fruit.
  • 09:31 glad to see the sunny forecast for Yosemite has gotten warmer. temps to stay above freezing at night for our trip Sun-Tues
  • 10:43 RT @YosemiteDNC Yay! & Glacier Pt. is open too! RT @YosemiteNPS: The Tioga Road (Highway 120 through the park) has reopened.
  • 12:01 urban chickens not always a pleasant affair. True, but no one glorifies picking up dog poop either
  • 16:56 New Redwood City Costco has a nice layout, much better than old building. Today's bonus: shopping carts in pristine condition!
  • 16:59 @gwachob If you're not one for crowds, I'd wait til tomorrow. Lots of mouth-breathers clogging the aisles grabbing for free samples
  • 17:13 @gwachob yes, parking at RWC Costco is very good (better than FC and MV), altho timing of new traffic lights on Middlefield need some work.
  • 19:28 With the little ones in San Jose waiting for Disney Princesses on Ice to start. Girls are excited
  • 20:40 Intermission. Cute show. Girls loving the disney characters and props
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