Saturday, October 17, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 09:14 Great to see NPR News's Social Media guidelines posted for all to read (and learn from)
  • 09:58 Hoping this story has no correlation to my headache on our Mt Whitney summit-in-a-day trip last month
  • 16:56 RT @cfnoble: For the next hour, using #beatcancer and #genesistoday in ANY tweet will generate $1 to fight cancer. $1 PER TWEET
  • 16:58 RT @cfnoble at 5:15 pm PST, for one hour, eBay / PayPal / WhatGives will donate $1 PER TWEET. Use #eBay and #beatcancer together!!
  • 17:35 hoping my friends didn't tweet #eBay and #beatcancer too early to be counted toward the $1 per tweet donation (good til 6:15pm PDT)
  • 17:55 thanks @nddulac @nurturegirl @amoration @neddotcom @msjennylin for tweeting #eBay and #beatcancer for another $1 donation
  • 21:05 Ha ve plotted tomorrow's 16-mile run. Takes me from home down to Stanford Dish, thru campus to Palo Alto, then back to Edgewood Park. whew!
  • 21:12 and he's packing a Pre! RT @dallant "The Blogfather has arrived" --comment I overheard when I arrived at #OppColl1 in Ixtapa.
  • 23:23 RT @politicsrespun health care system as a "for profit" system goes against any moral code I know. It should be available to all.
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