Friday, December 04, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 09:16 wondering why my gmail sponsored links keep coming up with ads in chinese characters. is this a hint?
  • 10:07 @cwolz @imawindycitygal thanks for the CMS recommndations!
  • 10:11 @pelesmk I hear ya on your #Garmin 310XT issues. mine's losing data and I can't update firmware because I have a Mac (no ANT support yet)
  • 11:23 @gwachob have a great time at the Tank. go #Sharks!
  • 11:54 Wikepedia Community at inflection point. What to do when a community's primary purpose shifts?
  • 14:27 @mikeuph thanks for the link... looks like it'll be useful for a lot of comparisons
  • 17:38 all these FB pleas: "get 50,000 to join and my weak-willed so-n-so will quit a bad habit"... or else what? we each get $10?
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