Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 06:50 Super excited to meet Chris Lieto at tonight's Silicon Valley Tri Club meeting!
  • 09:13 @joanhan (re: twitgoo.com/5z78i) glad you made it safe. hope your flight(s) are uneventful
  • 09:38 Want to become a recipe tester for Cook's Illustrated like me? Apply here: bit.ly/6Jmi7k
  • 17:26 Twitter announces its first business account upgrade: "Contributors" - ow.ly/M6GF (RT @andybeal)
  • 18:10 Amen RT @Constance No public option, no Medicare expansion; where's the 'reform' part of the health reform bill?
  • 21:44 great talk by @chrislieto at the SVTC meeting tonight. 3 areas he covers for better performance: mental game, nutrition, training
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