Tuesday, March 09, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 07:01 Shorten the school week to just 4 days for budget reasons? Seems we've forgotten why kids are in school to begin with bit.ly/baXCMp
  • 08:24 "The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude." -- Voltaire
  • 09:57 Wow, @Peets has decreased its free wi-fi window down to one hour (from two). message received: move along, please!
  • 10:14 RT @lblumenthal 10 mistakes made by Twitter novices. bit.ly/a66m8b
  • 10:22 @PamO hope you're feeling better today... the 10K can wait til you're healthy and ready for it
  • 10:43 Not too thrilled with your job? Should you work for yourself? Take the 2–minute Isenberg Entrepreneur Test bit.ly/bvoe0p
  • 14:40 Do you really need all that data? HBR has 4 questions to h elp you determine the ROI of those voluminous reports bit.ly/dDzSrG
  • 18:10 Rode bike 12 miles thru rain to pick up car from shop. Got there 5 min after closing. Must ride back again in morning. Sigh
  • 00:13 RE: @rheingoldsbutt Congratulations on graduating, Howard! Looking forward to our next Church of Mt Tam. disq.us/dk0dc
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