Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 10:01 RT @scottlondon When Fast Co writes on self-transformation, things are really bad or paradigm shift is underway or both bit.ly/aCkgu2
  • 10:06 I'll be talking all things urban chickens at the Secret Gardens of the East Bay tour on April 25. Hope to see you there bit.ly/bM8x6U
  • 10:22 @chrismdp Thanks for the lead, Chris!
  • 10:45 love having a fridge full of leftovers from the weekend's cooking: beer-braised chicken, green curry chicken, tom yam soup. lunch FTW!
  • 11:01 RT @lblumenthal: A few lessons learned while launching social media at a foundation. bit.ly/96EHNu (via @cashel)
  • 11:11 Great to be part of this! RT @NurtureGirl: Approaching 1500 views, we made the editors choice on slideshare. #thrivable bit.ly/9xbeTi
  • 14:49 Would love to see Atoms for Peace at the Fox Theater in Oakland, but not at $50 a pop for an obstructed view seat bit.ly/boUvFB
  • 15:55 Plastic Beach by Gorillaz keeps getting better with every listen. bit.ly/ajItWV
  • 16:30 @femmebot What a great lunch that was! Living through #sxsw vicariously through you this year, Phoebe!
  • 21:10 Great time at the SV Tri Club core workout tonight. Hope I can get out of bed in the morning without flopping onto the floor
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