Friday, May 07, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 10:48 Moving ever closer to selling our home. We sign our docs next week. Escrow closes May 19. Big changes
  • 10:49 Outstanding! RT @WiserEarth Glad to announce that @eekim joined the Board of #wiserearth, we are so thrilled!
  • 10:53 @Stokes I much prefer the term teatards
  • 12:52 I've got a pair of #VFF Bikila running shoes on its way to me. Woohoo!!
  • 15:41 Damn those internets! RT @dangillmor Hypocrisy watch: MediaMatters catches Michelle Malkin in the act
  • 16:30 Let's go #Sharks!
  • 17:03 time to pull Nabby from the net. Franzen's on fire
  • 17:17 Looking at the positive side: if the #Sharks don't storm back to win tonight, I've got tickets to game 5 :)
  • 22:58 Great come-from-be hind win at #darts tonight. W00t!
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