Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 14:08 It's a shame both Eastern Conference games are being played at the same time tonight.
  • 14:39 They're teaching philanthropy in school now. Anyone who spent time on omidyar.net knows it's tough to give away money bit.ly/d1KTu2
  • 15:31 fascinating/frightening account of what's coming in terms of info-at-your-fingertips for "routine traffic stops" bit.ly/cpWBH7
  • 18:23 I love watching the Penguins lose.
  • 22:40 The guest podiatrist at tonight's tri club meeting outright dismissed barefoot running as a fad. To each his own. I love my #VFF!
  • 23:35 cute RT @GuyKawasaki Why you owe your mother more than your father u.nu/5q4j9
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