Tuesday, November 14, 2006

emailing the milky way folks

So much to do tonight, I just couldn't help the procrastination kicking in...

Craving something sweet, I stuck my hand in one of our big bags o' leftover Halloween candy and came up with a fun size Milky Way bar. Not my first choice, but a satisfactory candy-roulette result so I flipped it over in my paw to begin to tear open the wrapper when an email address caught my eye.

Specifically, the exhortation:
Questions or Comments? call 1-800-551-9985 or email us at AskMilkyway@MMMars.com

My candy now has an email address? What would a candy bar say if it could talk? What would a candy bar write if it could email? What the hell would I ask my candy bar?

Inspiration greeted me on the other side of the wrapper:
So I responded to my muse and sent the following off as my introductory email to my (now fully digested) Milky Way:


Love your Milky Way candy bars. I was looking at the wrapper of a fun-size bar I got for Halloween and noticed it says "MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS"

Who decides whether a Milky Way bar will contain peanuts or not? Wouldn't including peanuts make it a Snickers?

Your fan,

Will let you know what comes back my way. It's already been to long for the old auto-reply trick, but I think the email/call centers in Bangladesh are running at full steam at this hour.


misskrob said...

You had both Dan and I laughing out loud! Let us know if you get a response :0)

johntee said...

Tricks, tricks, tricks. The size has shrunk and the price has risen. This must now belong to a terrorist org.