Saturday, April 10, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 01:19 great night at darts... we managed to sneak out a 9-8 win (whew!)
  • 07:33 Looking forward to heading down to Lake San Antonio for the SVTC Wildflower training weekend! (much work to do before leaving tho)
  • 10:39 RT @frandallfarmer Social Networking Lesson #4: "Public is Public" - posting to twitter, blogs, etc is sharing with God, Google, & Everyone
  • 15:43 I'm either 4 hours late to leave, or getting out just in time. I think I like the sound of "just in time."
  • 19:41 Dropping off the grid to camp and train for Wildflower. See you in 48 hours!
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