Thursday, July 29, 2010

From Twitter 07-28-2010

Hitting my work stride at 12:45am not what I expected, but I'll stay awake to see where this leads me.
RT @acarvin Please RT: Volunteers needed to upload URLs of Kalamazoo River oil spill resources to #mioilspill
RT @InnerDelight Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny ~ David O. McKay #quote
Same item of clothing costs the same whether XS or XXXL. Why should the tiny people subsidize the extra material used by the BIG folks?
@EthanZ Perhaps I was generalizing too much, but as I shop for mid-grade clothes (Macys, etc), the tags all read the same price XS to XXL
Disappointed to be this close and yet so far from the finish line. Must find a way to keep moving forward collaboratively.
nice to happen upon Dan @perezda in a crosswalk in Redwood City. Good to catch up on things (he's so busy!)
one bad thing about living via cell phone only (without a landline): tech support calls really burn through your minutes quick.
Mystery solved! #Garmin ANT Agent was preventing my built-in iSight camera from working. Quit the Agent and camera works. Go figure.
RT @witnessorg: On the blog: [Training] WITNESS is Creating a Video Advocacy Planning Toolkit and We Want Your Input
Transferring 10,000 songs onto my new MacBook Pro. It's time to move into the new machine!

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