Monday, July 26, 2010

Tweets shipped since LoudTwitter died

LoudTwitter, the widget I was using to push my tweets here, up and died on July 15 without warning.

I've pasted below the Tweets I've shared since then and am launching a new solution tonight. (fingers crossed it works!)

  • Where to store fruits/veggies? Counter, fridge, both? handy UCDavis guide tells all
    26 minutes ago via web
  • “The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” - Thomas Szasz (thx, Mark Z)
    about 7 hours ago via web
  • Good! RT @ramit: Wal-Mart banks coming. Will be awesome for low-income consumers. Not so much for check-cashing places.
    about 7 hours ago via web
  • YUM! RT @humphryslocombe Kickin' off the week w/Rosemary's Baby, 8 Ball Stout, Black Sesame, Harvey Milk & Honey & so much more!
    about 8 hours ago via web
  • Enjoying an afternoon at the beach with the wee ones. It's warmer than we thought it would be.
    Sun Jul 25 12:38:04 2010 via Twitterrific
  • Progress at last.
    Sat Jul 24 20:06:21 2010 via web
  • insomnia
    Sat Jul 24 02:46:40 2010 via web
  • Old love letters: keep them or trash/burn them?
    Fri Jul 23 16:01:13 2010 via web
  • A 3.5 magnitude earthquake occurred 3.11 mi NNW of Pacifica, CA. Details: Map:
    Fri Jul 23 14:34:06 2010 via API Retweeted by you and 23 others
  • @Chengdu4 safe travels back to the States!
    Wed Jul 21 18:08:43 2010 via web in reply to Chengdu4
  • My new MacBook Pro's iSight camera is not working with Skype. Genius Bar was decidedly not today. Camera Still not working. Boo
    Wed Jul 21 15:27:57 2010 via Twitterrific
  • Thanks to California Budget Crisis (TM) reducing Court staff size, I'll be stuck in divorce limbo an additional 8+ weeks. oh joy
    Wed Jul 21 11:53:12 2010 via web
  • Good advice here... RT @HarvardBiz Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Careers
    Wed Jul 21 10:05:03 2010 via web
  • RT @bradrourke Hey! Awesome job at NCoC: Director, Civic Health Index
    Tue Jul 20 16:59:48 2010 via web
  • Heading to Bali in September for business. I love my job :)
    Mon Jul 19 23:50:13 2010 via web
  • @Michaelhutto awesome finish at #vineman... you crushed it! (I gotta figure out where I can carve 30 minutes out of next year's time)
    Mon Jul 19 21:18:23 2010 via web in reply to Michaelhutto
  • Amazing art coming in 4 @BurningMan Juried #Art #Photography Exhibit for @wdydwyd Get yours in: Due 7/26 Please RT
    Mon Jul 19 20:50:25 2010 via web
  • firing up the new #iPhone 4. Hope it's a trouble-free switchover from my legacy first-gen iPhone.
    Mon Jul 19 15:11:50 2010 via web
  • @boomer @helkalin @michaelhutto @dallant @eekim @phxphotog @lpetrides thanks for the #vineman congrats. It was a great day to tri!
    Mon Jul 19 14:27:07 2010 via web
  • @ncjack congrats on joining the sub-6 club with me at #vineman and the clearwater spot for you! (jealous)
    Mon Jul 19 14:24:00 2010 via web in reply to ncjack
  • First day, post-Vineman... not as sore as I thought I'd be, but not as agile, either.
    9:49 AM Jul 19th via web
  • Official #vineman finish time is 5:51:30. I did everything faster this year including transitions. Yay!
    8:20 PM Jul 18th via Twitterrific
  • Another #vineman in the bag. I crushed my 6hr goal with a finish of 5:52 unofficially. W00t!
    2:18 PM Jul 18th via Twitterrific
  • It's race day! Good luck to all my fellow triathletes doing #Vineman 70.3 today. Have a great time getting to the finish line.
    4:57 AM Jul 18th via web
  • My new iPhone has made it from China to Alaska... I wonder where the bumper is?
    9:50 PM Jul 17th via web
  • Went and saw the matinee showing of Inception today. Really enjoyed the movie... surprised to see Leonardo finally looking old
    7:33 PM Jul 17th via web
  • Picked up my race packet for #vineman. I'll be sporting number 1534 starting at 7:50am. In the pre-race mtg now.
    12:35 PM Jul 17th via Twitterrific
  • Getting ready to swim in the Russian River as a warm up for tomorrow's #vineman. Weather's perfect
    9:14 AM Jul 17th via Twitterrific
  • Made it to Santa Rosa at last (traffic sux). Checked in to the hotel and getting a little work done before heading to La Crema Winery.
    3:11 PM Jul 16th via web
  • Great post by @awsamuel today: 10 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life:
    9:56 PM Jul 15th via web
  • I have a feeling my MacBook Pro is on its last legs (lots of spinning beachballs this week). Glad the replacement MBPro arrives Monday.
    9:13 PM Jul 15th via web
  • my bike is cleaned & tuned & ready for this Sunday's #Vineman. Getting excited to race 70.3 distance again & hoping to beat last year's time
    4:50 PM Jul 15th via web
  • when you let go, you give yourself peace.
    10:36 AM Jul 15th via web
  • Great to see this! RT @omidyarnetwork Thrilled to welcome @POGOblog to our portfolio! Just announced today. Details:
    10:29 AM Jul 15th via web

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