Saturday, July 10, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 11:37 @kevinstark @mijarosoft @jvirant @aid_and_abet @helkalin @jurgen @Swom_Network @otislam @myceliumGCV @mpaskevi thanks for the RT!
  • 11:38 @tlangkabel @ozmark17 @anked thanks, too, for the RT and @pink_area glad you're liking the read
  • 11:54 A certain Mr Schiff is talking loudly on his cell phone in the library. OH: you can send him a thank you note to POB 723, hmb, ca 94019
  • 11:59 wifi speed comparison: at my home I get 3Mbps download & 1 Mbps upload. At the library? 1Mbps down & 8Mbps up. Lesson? upload at the library
  • 13:08 @helkalin well, he didn't recite his phone number to whomever he was speaking with (but I nailed the spelling of his name!)
  • 14:48 Stuck waiting in the courtroom with 15 other cases. Turns out "in pro per" is legalese for "last in line"
  • 15:56 All done with the judge. It's amazing what a third party can do to inject a little realism/sanity into discussions. Feeling optimistic
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