Tuesday, March 11, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 08:51 it sure doesn't feel like it's already 9am in the Bay Area
  • 09:13 the allergies are really bad today. claritin doesn't seem to be cutting it.
  • 09:46 except for the Mel Torme, I'd swear they stole this mix tape list from my own dusty collection: tinyurl.com/2rexko
  • 11:28 Almost forgot to include the interest I made lending money via prosper.com on my 2007 tax form (a reminder from P woulda been nice)
  • 12:05 my new Canon SD1100 arrived. battery is charging. Enabling Eye-Fi card at lunch. totally geeking out
  • 14:07 First Eye-fi-enabled blog post is up: tinyurl.com/39oocf lookout world
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