Thursday, May 15, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:08 giving up golf is such a great sacrifice
  • 09:18 sitting in the pre-op waiting room with a very hungry 3 yr old on my lap
  • 11:51 watched my kid get completely stoned in prep for anesthesia. too funny. now she's in the mri machine, sleeping
  • 12:15 med-evac helicopter just came in to land at stanford hospital. can't be a good thing (is not here for us)
  • 13:51 waited 45 crazy-making minutes for her to emerge from anesthesia. can't imagine waiting longer
  • 18:50 to see my little girl now, you'd think nothing out of the ordinary happened today. MRI results next week. thanks for the wishes & prayers
  • 18:55 had a great 20mi bike ride just now in the 93 degree heat. just the thing to sleep so well on the red-eye tonight to get to #berkman
  • 21:42 made it to sfo. getting ready to sleep in 10F all the way to BOS
  • 22:00 so many tragically hip lookin folks on UA flt 180 tonight. hope they don't snore
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