Wednesday, June 03, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 07:06 RT @hajovanbeijma: The United Nations to launch "Texting4Health" in Uganda
  • 07:49 RT @ncroal Ten Percent Nation: if u holla back 2 this tweet, ur doin it rite <- 10 is the new 20
  • 07:58 Wow. Study of 100,000 Euro cell phone users finds nearly half never stray outside a 6-mile circle.
  • 08:15 Fast Cities 2009: Seattle is City of the Year (via @valdiskrebs)
  • 08:32 swimming in the Twitterstream of #cfp09 this is what was made for
  • 10:07 Totally geeking out at this Mapumental demo. Static maps are so Web 1.0
  • 11:20 RT @witnessorg: We're at $24K of our $30K goal for spring fund drive. Every $1 is tripled til Jun 8 help us make it:
  • 12:01 maytag repairman Rx: replacement ice maker to be installed next week as this one's dead (sorry, Dad). bonus: new hinges, too!
  • 21:16 What a rare treat to enjoy rain falling in Silicon Valley in June
  • 22:44 @krob cryptic indeed. get the soap out :)
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