Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 09:08 waiting for the fridge repairman to show up to install the new ice maker. looking forward to icy rum & cokes tonight!
  • 11:34 have to buy a non-mac laptop in order to run special PC-only software in the field (no, won't work via Parallels/BootCamp). too many choices
  • 13:13 Fridge repair guy didn't show up (shocked? not). called dispatch and they "just don't know why. Try again tomorrow morning?" uh, sure?
  • 13:18 RT @TreeHugger Gas prices going up. Good or not?
  • 13:18 @krob from where didst thou get the divine Al Pastor tacos??
  • 15:42 Enough futzing with laptop configurations. I'm off to ride Kings Mtn Road. Love them hill workouts (ha!)
  • 18:01 made it up 2000' to the top of Kings Mtn Rd with but a single 60 sec pause. What a difference 6 months of training makes!
  • 21:18 @itchbay nice run!
  • 21:21 @itchbay was a great ride! Felt really strong all the way to the top and was grinning ear to ear at the summit. Nice to conquer the hill :)
  • 21:28 @itchbay I'll have to remember to say that next time (next week?). Next up: Escape from Alcatraz on Sunday!
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