Wednesday, September 02, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:05 stand corrected by Blood Ctr staff: the travel meds don't DQ me from donating, the time in Africa DQs me. time to get another tattoo!
  • 10:07 awesome! RT @Peets_Tweets: Come take a virtual tour of our Alameda roasting plant.
  • 12:47 crap. getting 502 errors trying to get to gmail
  • 18:37 amused to hear NPR story about wolf hunting in Idaho & hunter who's fed up with his prey cuz "wolves just kill elk for sport!" oh, irony
  • 23:01 @RobCottingham welcome to the stream! Can't wait to share the adventure... starts on 9/10!
  • 23:46 Lots of oohs and ahhs over my #fivefinger KSOs at the hair salon today. If I were a #vibram salesperson, I could've made a killing.
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