Monday, September 28, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:28 making green pancakes with the wee ones. it's good to be home
  • 10:46 wondering if the paint's actually going to dry before this Mt Whitney video finishes uploading. too close to call.
  • 11:01 Pictures from my Mt Whitney climb with @dallant are posted to Flickr
  • 13:15 RT @activenetwork Marathon Mania Section! Find Marathon Running Articles, Training Tips, Plans, Online Log & Races:
  • 15:28 Totally love the USAA mobile@deposit app on my iPhone. Can deposit a check just by taking a picture of it!
  • 19:45 Cool to watch the Intl Space Station fly overhead tonight: really bright! follow @twisst to find out when it passes over you
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