Sunday, September 13, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 11:09 I made it to Africa! Saw Mt Kenya on the way in. 3 hours after landing, finally at the hotel. now to get something to eat.
  • 12:45 surprisingly chilly in Nairobi. Agreed to do a 5K run first thing in the morning around hotel grounds. glad I brought my kit!
  • 12:56 wow, Heatley now a Shark? bye-bye Cheech and Michalek
  • 19:14 managed to sleep in til 5am, awoken by a flock of very noisy (yet unseen) birds outside. can't wait til the sun comes up!
  • 21:22 delightful 5K run around the hotel grounds. saw lots of monkeys and exotic birds and my feet are coated with red dust from the trail
  • 23:52 It seems there are as many monkeys in the trees here as there are squirrels back in the trees at home. Amazing
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