Friday, May 30, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 13:43 Feeling energized having just reconciled with a dear friend after a 2 year pause & connected with a friend from back in my high school days
  • 13:52 @khopper nice excuse!
  • 13:53 @lopta I'm becoming a firmer believer in "it's never too late to try" but I suffer from the fact it is way too easy to avoid taking the risk
  • 14:05 @silona hey, thx for asking. Cut it to the shoulder, will update icon to show the new look within the week (getting pix taken today).
  • 15:38 just sat thru my first photo shoot (since HS) and got powdered for the first time. amused by the on-the-set lingo e.g. "fill him up more"
  • 15:41 since Twitter turned off the TwitterIM feature, TwitterSync on FB no longer works. temporary? me hopes yes. All your tweets are belong to us
  • 16:30 @ross increased surplus from decline in time spent creating/QA-ing/approving paper-based reports/binders/etc? or what surplus is used for?
  • 20:48 last night of darts for the season. we're playing to win our division outright (with a wee bit of help) #scvda
  • 21:30 after leading 4-2, we're down 5-4. first to 9 wins
  • 21:30 after leading 4-2, we're down 5-4. first to 9 wins #scvda
  • 22:05 now down 6-5 #scvda
  • 22:18 down 7-5, have to sweep the singles cricket (their forte) #scvda
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