Friday, May 08, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:55 RT @EllnMllr: Need sunscreen 4 lobbyists. Read about K Street's worst nightmare -Sunlight's lobbyist @sunlightonhill
  • 10:55 great pix from last weekend's #Wildflower olympic #tri. gallery does a good job of capturing the beauty of the place
  • 11:16 reading an intriguing post by @eekim re: tools that elicit authentic connections
  • 15:19 Yippee! New compression socks. I feel like such an old man
  • 15:57 Pew Report re: Governing as social networking: 4-step cycle of comm is Attention, Acquisition, Assessment, Action
  • 16:57 At Peets. A lady is interviewing for a tech job at table next to me. Is not going well for her. Trying not to cringe as she tanks.
  • 19:09 Has been a fun day of folks reconnecting with me after hearing me on Marketplace this morning re:
  • 23:52 great to get the win at darts tonight. Even if distracted a bit from the game itself.
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