Sunday, May 31, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:22 watching the Google Wave demo. I see danger in the instant-transmit function of txt msgs: no room for filtering emotion from a txt pre-send
  • 08:51 Google #Wave collaborative editing feature is going to revolutionize live-reporting at meetings/conferences/etc. I'm thrilled
  • 08:59 How will #Wave change live-reporting? Combines immediacy of live-tweeting and depth of live-blogging, c.f. old post
  • 09:06 #wave app idea: "split the check" shows how much each person owes for final group bill where tabs are paid by many (like for a vacation)
  • 10:19 taking Hannah to the matinĂ©e showing of Up. She's very excited as am I.
  • 12:52 Highly Highly recommend seeing "Up." The Pixar folks have outdone themselves, again.
  • 16:08 Back at the dog park. No he's still not a Portuguese water dog. He's a golden doodle (better than a pwd)
  • 19:43 in the lobby about to see Spamalot. Stretching my giggle muscles
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