Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 02:38 sleep? wha?
  • 08:25 Content Marketing 101: Why Content and Social Media are a Powerful Match ginx.com/-jXhdr (via @copyblogger)
  • 08:44 RT @shwu open letter to @Oprah ginx.com/-xZSTJ asking her to drop support of Jenny McCarthy's anti-vaccination campaign. Pls RT!
  • 15:26 RT @mashable: Reading: "10 Ways to Keep Your Precious Followers on Twitter" (Chromatic) - ginx.com/-dhDll
  • 15:46 Dog just got his license in the mail. He's already asking for the keys
  • 17:42 Totally geeking out at the Places&Spaces mapping science opening at Stanford. Data visualizations galore with the geeks who made them
  • 18:35 just saw a demo of a great running/biking training visualizer tool for the iPhone 3G. Sign up to beta test it at runmonster.com (worth it!)
  • 18:57 I love how following @USGS_Earthquake shows every little temblor recorded. I wish there was a filter to only see tweets for magnitude >3
  • 19:04 Google even has an algorithm to determine employees' likelihood to quit. How to prove it works, tho? ginx.com/-czHIt
  • 19:06 ironic that I can't seem to load the Google quit algorithm article. makes me want to, um, quit?
  • 23:52 finally made it to the end of Survivor on the DVR. So happy to see who the winner is.
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