Thursday, May 28, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:01 Got my first Google Adsense direct deposit today thanks to the blog. It feels like free money
  • 08:48 @dangillmor AT&T is the only carrier you can use to text in a vote to AI
  • 09:14 @dangillmor I'm with you on the trouble getting upset: too much room for corruption built into the AI vote system.
  • 15:28 schadenfreude? or karma? take your pick
  • 16:11 great post explaining difference between FB group and FB fan page & why you'd create one v the other
  • 19:16 starting to research for a trip to Ghana at end of June. Besides the medical shots, what's important to do/know before?
  • 21:45 @nbmacd keep up the patient work, grasshopper. you'll be sprinting off the front of the pack soon enough
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