Friday, May 29, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 05:33 @bradrourke you are one styling dude. let me know how long it takes to get used to the shoes. I'm intrigued.
  • 06:07 RT @karaswisher: AOL Spin-Off Approved Last Night By Time Warner Board:
  • 06:21 enjoying reading @stevecase tweets this morning re: AOL spin-off and his reflections on the 10 year merger overall
  • 10:50 Swam 2700m with the masters. Moved up a lane, too!
  • 10:51 Off to donate blood one more time before getting vaccinated for Africa trip
  • 11:50 RT: @gatesfoundation Melinda Gates on "what has been a crucial factor in reducing poverty"?
  • 11:52 "Nobody tries to break crypto anymore - they do social network analysis, find the hub, then break into your house"
  • 15:11 despite botched needle prick, donated my last pint of blood for > 1 year. Upcoming travel to Ghana/India/?? puts me on the deferral list.
  • 15:12 taking the dog to the dog park. we both need it.
  • 17:35 great time at the Redwood Shores dog park. Kairos had fun with all his new friends and is now snoozing in the middle of the kitchen.
  • 17:36 @BenBins please say hi to Brett for me. Agreed they do GREAT work!
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