Friday, January 08, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 05:10 "Any fool can carry on, but only the wise man knows how to shorten sail." - Joseph Conrad #quote
  • 05:22 Entering Day 7 of my new sugar-free diet. Is hard changing eating habits, but can't argue with the fat melting away already.
  • 09:57 RT @megpickard: Last chance for a clueful marketing person to apply for social media post at National Maritime Museum:
  • 10:57 Heads up: if you follow @USGS_EQ_25 (like I do) you'll know about any/all earthquakes over 2.5 magnitude around the globe
  • 11:07 @PamO yep, Milpitas was the latest (tho we didn't feel it here at the house, just a mile from ON HQ). Glad to be sited on bedrock.
  • 13:55 RT @HarvardBiz Maybe You're the Reason Your Job Is Boring
  • 14:55 Only one thing makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure (via @paulocoelho @valdiskrebs)
  • 16:54 The 100 Games Cupcake Game: gotta have a good memory to have such great memories! (via @boingboing)
  • 17:53 Getting ready to go play the first round of our @scvda dart season playoffs. Hope my arrows are true tonight.
  • 21:27 @pamo it's a real eye-opener as to how active our planet really is. All those quakes that don't make the news!
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