Saturday, January 09, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 00:32 Bummed we lost the playoff round 9-6. Was a good match tho and proud of our season.
  • 06:23 So much to do before heading to the airport at 4pm. Turning social media off for the day.
  • 17:38 On board UA 145 to LAX had tobgate check bag. Grr. Gotta claim it and then re-enter LAX TSA to get to BKK. Ok? ;-)
  • 19:02 Weirdly bumpy flight into LAX. Had to focus on making it to the landing strip in one piece
  • 20:12 made it to the lounge. now all I need do is relax until boarding. thanks for the well-wishes and I'll be back at you from BKK in 19hrs
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