Thursday, January 28, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 00:37 Sounds like @dtapscott is giving a Clifs Notes version of his book Wikinomics at #davossocial
  • 00:43 nice that @ev doing his Davos panel in jeans and tennis shoes. Too bad @unitedairlines baggage delay forced him to be so casual #davossocial
  • 00:46 3 Qs discussing at #davossocial panel: are social networks changing society? what are the risks? what should we do to leverage them?
  • 00:49 amend #3Q at #davossocial: what should we do to improve social netowrks' impact? (thanks @loic for streaming the session)
  • 00:49 @chep2m am only there thanks to @loic's streaming (how I wish I was in SUI right now)
  • 00:51 for an in-the-room accounting of #davossocial, follow tweets of @jobsworth
  • 01:19 RT @jobsworth @Arrington: this (flawed) perception that journalism b4 the Net was pristine, truthful. How did th ey pull it off? #davossocial
  • 13:27 RT @JPBarlow: Panopticlick: EFF's tool for telling you how unique your browser profile is
  • 16:21 RT @msmithDC if has ever helped you, they now need your help. Please read, give and RT
  • 16:39 LOL! RT @iad2la national femcare awareness day turned out well, I think
  • 21:17 made roast winter vegetables for dinner: yam, butternut, parsnip, turnip. ah, delicious!
  • 21:54 @sesamebuns congratulations!
  • 22:07 Has Facebook affected the limits of Dunbar's number? Nope, we can still only track 150 people
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