Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 02:38 Wow, that was fast. Time to call it a day (in the office) and go shop the Bangkok night market! Then working more from the hotel tonight
  • 06:49 great to hang out at the Thai version of a biergarten by the Night Market. Didn't do much to prop up the economy tho
  • 16:39 so starts day 3 in BKK: giving up on Nescafe, switching to tea instead. Do love my room's Electrolux water boiler thingy.
  • 16:48 wish I'd known this sooner: trying to Google from somewhere you can't read the native language (Thailand)? just add "/en" after google.com
  • 17:52 Headed into the BKK office. Will pick up breakfast from one of the street carts on the way. Yum!
  • 22:42 green gai curry and stir-fried morning glory for lunch. delicious!
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