Monday, January 11, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 06:15 @gaylemaree I don't envy you... safe journeys!
  • 06:27 ok, I made it to the end of Sunday without cheating with a nap. good night!
  • 13:49 Up and at 'em for Day 2 in Bangkok. Will be my first day in the client's office, and the schedule's packed.
  • 14:05 @ncjack congrats on beating your 13.1 goal! That's awesome
  • 14:10 RT @socialcitizen Philanthropy the New Marketing? "Mad Men days of advertisers telling us what 2 think/buy r long gone"
  • 14:40 Nescafe is an acquired taste, I'm sure. At least I think it will be. Is there a Peet's in Bangkok? Please?
  • 15:03 @dallant yeah, there's SBUX all over the place here in BKK. Would rather have my Peets house blend, th anks :)
  • 17:08 To say I hate "Verified by Visa" right now is a gross understatement. customer service #FAIL
  • 17:12 off to play in BKK rush hour traffic
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