Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 03:17 RT @TheEliteNinjas: Any time is a good time to do the right thing #quote #mlk
  • 04:52 one benefit to severe jet lag: hours of uninterrupted work time all through the dead of night! (daytime naps, on the other hand...)
  • 05:51 Great post about privacy and Facebook's recent changes to it (guess who can now see all your FB photos?)
  • 06:12 with the Internet, knowledge can be supplied externally, but focus must be forced internally.
  • 11:59 it's a great day when you hear a client wants to renew your contract.
  • 19:16 Both my girls are sick. My immune system is weak from the travel/jet lag. I think I know where this is headed. ugh
  • 19:27 RT @RichHarwood: Now Obama will have to return to his new politics that seeks to build a new base that cuts ac ross Blue & Red.
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