Friday, February 05, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 07:53 Busy day ahead with meetings and driving. Looking forward to the Social Media for Social Impact Panel in SF
  • 09:37 Annual physical confirms: I'm in the best shape of my life. Down 6.5 BMI points from my peak. Huzzah!
  • 09:53 Best news from doc today: 12 years after my pneumothorax (lung collapse), I'm cleared to go scuba diving!
  • 11:41 At the social media for social impact panel in SF. Great to see old friends here and to make new ones too! #smwsf #sm4si
  • 12:11 There are three of us here at #sm4si who are triathletes. what a fit bunch!
  • 12:24 @hrheingold anytime, Howard. Looking forward to another go at the Church of Mt Tam this spring
  • 12:28 and not just another distribution channel RT @WiserEarth Social media: the importance to see it as a listening Chanel #sm4si
  • 12:31 Pa nelists today from Ebay Green Team, TechSoup (@suzboop), WiserEarth (@WiserEarth), Yahoo! for Good #sm4si
  • 12:33 eBay green team started in 2007 with just 40 eBay employees brainstorming how to make eBay a greener company. 2009: 2300+ members #sm4si
  • 12:35 $2000 worth of goods change hands every second on eBay -- reusing what we have #sm4si
  • 12:37 other twitter handles of panelists: Amy @ebaygreen and Connie (Yahoo!) @cheesycons #sm4si
  • 12:39 "if social media 1.0 was bringing people to you, social media 2.0 is going where they are" (@ebaygreen) #sm4si
  • 12:41 I think we were just taken to task for not reading the NYTimes (at least the bits about the Uniform Project) #sm4si
  • 12:48 Now up on the panel @suzboop giving brief history about TechSoup. Remember funding them long ago when I was at AOL Foundation! #sm4si
  • 12:55 watching @suzboop starring in the Nonprofit Commons in SL 2010 video #sm4si
  • 12:59 Tips from @suzboop for holding space in live virtual meetings: Own your authority and don't be afraid to interrupt #sm4si
  • 13:01 Nonprofit Commons in Second Life: ~19,000 unique visitors averaging 60-90 minutes use time #sms4i
  • 13:03 Look for presentation given by @suzboop to post on Slideshare later #sms4i
  • 13:08 next panelist @cheesycons talking about Yahoo! for Good. Nice presentation style: pix but no text! #sms4i
  • 13:11 Connie (@cheesycons) talking about "You in?" program stresses its simplicity: "update your status with your random act of kindness" #sms4i
  • 13:13 More You In? success tips: empower your influencers (they targeted 300) and be a part of your community (do it yourself, too) #sms4i
  • 13:15 Lessons learned re: You In? 1) needed to track the ripple effect better 2) needed tobetter help folks to share their stories #sms4i
  • 13:17 Last panelist is Peggy (@wiserearth) leads with this fact: there are over 5 million nonprofits in the world #sms4i
  • 13:19 when first created @wiserearth they thought they could bring folks to them. Realized it's better to go where folks already are #sms4i
  • 13:22 @CommunityRudy all caps matters in the tag?
  • 13:31 closing thoughts from @suzboop "don't be afraid, it's not as scary as it seems" and from @cheesycons "take risks" @ebaygreen "scale" #SM4SI
  • 18:27 rain's made for a horrible commute south from SF, headed straight to Sunnyvale for our first dart match of the new season!
  • 23:01 Darts team has come back from a 2-5 start to take an 8-7 lead.
  • 23:15 And we win 9-8. Great comeback!
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