Friday, February 26, 2010

tweets o' the day

  • 01:01 work work work (still)
  • 08:33 The house around the corner finally took down their Christmas decorations. I thought they were waiting for Easter to come
  • 09:09 Be suspicious of anyone who says "we've only got one chance to get this right." They're likely to be protecting an interest.
  • 11:02 RT @alanlepo Do rating systems work? Read @alevin 's thoughts on web ratings systems #e20 #ratings #reputation
  • 12:24 just realized tomorrow's "quick" flight SJC-LAX (on way to New Orleans) makes a 20 min stopover in Santa Barbara along the way. joy
  • 14:52 RT @tearsforfears Can you believe "Songs From The Big Chair" was released 25 years ago today?
  • 17:46 Ran two loops at the Stanford Dish. Off to New Orleans tomorrow for Sunday's half marathon!
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