Wednesday, October 25, 2006

findability and recommended reading

Just listened to Dave Talor (of Ask Dave Taylor) talk about the Future of Findability here at the Blog Business Summit in Seattle.

Great tips on SEO stuff for blogs and how to train them to look at your blog more and more often, or to ping them (the "secret weapon" of blogging) pro-actively to come index what's just been published. He mentioned Pingomatic as a service that automates this activity, and at first glance looks simple enough to do.

What I really appreciated was his recommended reading list (of which I'm half-way through already thanks to #1 and #3). From the sounds of it, reading Cialdini's Influence will change my life (go figure).

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twinga said...

... and if I had stopped my incessant babbling on the aircraft (while I was sitting in YOUR window seat), you would have been able to finish at least one more book, Streber. ;-)