Friday, October 27, 2006

the next big thing (rss mashup tool)

Listening to John Battelle here at the Blog Business Summit, and he was asked what he thought the next big technology would be. (disclosure: my employer invested in Federated Media Publishing)

John's answer: a developer tool that allows them (developers) to easily mashup RSS feeds into products.

If I'm looking for a list of hotel rooms on the I-40 corridor that are family-friendly and accept big dogs as guests, the info's already out there on the web, it just needs to be mashed into one query answer.

So, it makes sense (to me).

RSS seems like it'll always be a geeky phenomenon, and most folks likely won't deign to correctly configure their aggregators (why aren't they simply called "feed eaters?"). I've seen way too many folks click on the RSS badge instead of control-click-copy-link-location as should be done.

Maybe the tool's already out there? If so, where?

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