Wednesday, October 25, 2006

work for us... wait, we've moved!

I'm navigating around the home page today using the oh-so-spiffy new Firefox 2.0 browser. What appears below the market ticker list? A jobs ad for the Central Intelligence Agency.

As Hannah would say, "now that's something you don't see every day."

Curious as to who they're trying to woo, I clicked through and was directed here, a page that, for all intents and purposes tells you that the page you were looking for has moved.

On the one (clever) hand, this could just be some covert campaign to lure folks to the CIA who like the challenge of a good puzzle: why did you advertise on the front page of the WSJ yet send me to a "we've moved" page? Is this the start of a puzzle I must solve to find the appropriate CIA position hidden somewhere on the new encrypted site?

Or is it on the other (more likely) hand, that the ad agency engaged by the CIA has botched the ad placement and we're witnessing yet more waste of tax dollars in the execution?

No time to wait for you answer, I'm busy trying to figure out where they moved the jobs to!

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