Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 07:49 the kids are going back to school today (hooray!)
  • 09:34 good to be back in the office and see all these familiar faces
  • 13:52 doh. minivan broke down on Mel in Palo Alto. good news: close to a Toyota dealer. bad news: it's broken. cause? tbd
  • 16:02 minivan needs a new alternator. Bummer.
  • 16:50 Power of citizen media in BART shooting: Initial "security camera wasn't on" excuse overridden by cell phone cameras ginx.com/-SuA
  • 17:45 RT @JoinTheImpact RT @queercincinnati Bob Barr (R-GA) asks for the repeal of DOMA: ginx.com/-wSY
  • 22:52 won my first hand and my last hand at poker tonight... just what you want to do in a knockout game :-)
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