Saturday, January 10, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 07:46 the fog is so thick this morning. Spectacular
  • 08:53 Bless the person who invented the ultrasound gel warming device. Much more pleasant experience in this morning's scan of my leg
  • 10:05 ultrasound this AM reveals all 3 deep veins in my left leg are leaking (serious, not lethal) = surgery + compression socks forever. joy
  • 10:59 RT @mndaniels Lessig on Colbert Report talking about copyright, new media and using sites like Flickr and Wikipedia
  • 13:38 Do me a favor? Please vote for Eye-Fi Video Card concept in this poll? (give it all 25 votes) Thanks!
  • 14:21 @rosevines I wish there was CF version of Eye-Fi, too. I actually bought a new point-n-shoot Canon to be able to use Eye-Fi
  • 14:23 hey @lindare @neddotcom @lurtz thanks for the votes for Eye-Fi!
  • 14:29 RT @JPLS: The NHL is becoming a joke...
  • 15:20 @grundy you've just expressed premeditation with your question, that'll add a decade or two to your sentence
  • 16:03 trying to decide if tomorrow's workout will be swim/bike or swim/run
  • 18:21 I've got to move around more... the office lights are auto-magically dimming on me thinking no one's here
  • 20:31 Back home listening to our youngest melt down at bedtime. Maybe I can head back to the office?
  • 21:21 glad to see the Sharks win on the road convincingly over them Edmonton Oilers
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